Fringe primarily gets its funding through the Joint Funding Committee's distribution of the student activities fee. However, this amount rarely meets the entirety of our needs and we're always looking for people to chip in whatever they can to keep the organization running. Buggies are expensive to maintain and boothes aren't conjured from thin air - every dollar counts! If you are looking to donate to a specific cause, feel free to reach out to an exec member to learn about their needs, or just donate to Fringe via one of the two methods detailed below:


Use this link to donate online through CMU's Make a Gift portal.

Check by Mail

Make it out to 'Fringe' and send it to:
Carnegie Mellon University
P.O. Box 371525
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-7525

Gift in Kind

Send it to:
Carnegie Mellon University
UC Box 161
Pittsburgh, PA 15289