About Us

Fringe was founded in 1969 by a group of architecture students at Carnegie Mellon University. At the time, it was the first independent student organization to compete in the history of Spring Carnival at CMU. Since then, Fringe has evolved into an all-inclusive group of close friends who participate competitively in a variety of campus traditions and co-curricular activities. We are heavily involved in buggy, booth and intramural sports, along with a host of other on-campus events. We are active all year-round and have membership from across all of the colleges at CMU.

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Fringe serves as a comprehensive one-stop solution for your typical Carnegie Mellon student’s co-curricular and social needs. Although we put up a strong showing in almost all that we do, participation is in no way mandatory or overly competitive – our goal is to allow people with variable levels of commitment to enjoy themselves and make them feel like they are part of our family. Not only do we participate in a host of CMU traditions during Spring Carnival, but we are also a group of close friends who hang out on campus, get half-price dinner, hold BBQs and potlucks and participate in fun campus events such as chili cookoffs and dance marathons.

If you are interested in joining Fringe, simply email us at fringe@andrew.cmu.edu.